Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Visiting the Nash Farm Festival in Grapevine

Jaxon and I went to the Nash Farm Festival on Saturday while Jason was in Minnesota. We had a great time even though it had rained all night and was cold and really muddy! There were tractor hay rides- that Jaxon didn't want to go on! He was so excited to see them, but was terrified! There were pony rides too! But Jaxon wouldn't even go near them! So we went to the petting zoo, but by that time I was having my doubts that he would actually go through the gate once it was our turn. He kinda surprised me and we went in the petting zoo and he was so excited and actually petted all the animals and brushed the rabbit with the goat brush! Next we stood in line forever to pick out a pumpkin. Jaxon found the right one for him and was so happy with it that he held it in his lap the whole way home.

Too small!

This is the "one"!

Making the pumpkin even better!

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Leigh said...

Jaxon looks so much like Jason these days! Your blog is awesome!