Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

We actually went trick-or-treating this year! If you remember last year Jaxon refused to wear his costume so we stayed home and just handed out candy. Well, this year Jaxon agreed to wear his costume! He was a little hunter, minus his hat and his camo face paint, and minus a gun (all the guns were as big as he is). It took a few houses to get the excitement in him and the understanding that all he had to do was ring a few doorbells and he would get candy. The sad part was a good majority of the candy of course had peanuts or peanut butter or was processed in a plant that processed peanuts, so as soon as we got home we had to swap out most of his treats! I don't think he even noticed though! Here are some pictures of Jaxon and his little friend Audrey trick-or-treating!

The first house.

Our house- Jaxon and Audrey comparing treats!

They can hardly contain their excitement!

Little Olivia- she is such a pretty princess!

A pirate- Riley, princess- Audrey and hunter- Jaxon. We met up with another neighbor boy at the end of the block!

We made it to the end of our little street. The kids wanted to go back and start again!

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