Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy 6 months baby girl!

This is the outfit Jaxon picked out to give her for Christmas, he was so excited that she could be a super hero too (she also has the pink Superman!)

Patyon is 6 months old and still is so laid back and just the smiliest thing every (if that is a word!) She lights up at Jaxon's face and is letting Jason hold her a little more everyday! She weighs in at a cubby 17.4lb and is a little more than 26in. Her accomplishments are: rolling front to back and back to front and sitting she is up to about 20 min of sitting time before she is tired and wants to lay. She has also started getting on her hands and knees! Jaxon is the proudest big brother and cheers and claps every time she rolls or sits or basically does anything! He loves her so much and actually shares his toys with her and doesn't get upset when they go immediately into her mouth!

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