Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random pics

Piggies! P's hair is finally long enough for pig tails and they are sooooooo cute!

Sweet P hanging by her car, notice the belt, she went through a phase where she wore belts everyday! So cute!

Upside down, she doesn't understand that forward rolls hurt on the tile floor. Notice P's belt!

First day of school!

Is it Payton?? No its baby Captain America!

Jaxon calls Payton a Rock Star when she wears her sunglasses

Jaxon and I at the Children's Museum playing a giant game of checkers, he is actually pretty good, understands the concept.

Payton is 14 months, almost 15 months. She is still the best eater next to Jason. She loves sharing Jason's food the most. She is running now and is still climbing everything including an 8 ft. climbing wall at the park all by herself! She has been teething for the past two months and has gone from 2 bottom teeth to almost 6 teeth and I think she is trying to get more. Teething has not really affected her just makes her drouly.

Jaxon is doing great, he is 4 and a half and started school almost a month ago. He loves it and seems to be learning alot and making some new friends. He started T-ball 2 weeks ago and can't wait to begin games because that is when he gets his jersey.

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