Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...a little late!!

First off sorry this is so delayed! My camera has been shorting out the USB cord that connects to the computer so I had to wait till Jason came home to get these pictures uploaded.

We had a great Mother's Day. I got to sleep in (which Jason lets me do pretty much every weekend!). Then we went to The Dallas World Aquarium. We had a great time. Jaxon loved it and even now when we talk about it his little face lights up! His favorite animals were the penguins and the sea otters. I have no idea why he loved the penguins so much because they did absolutely nothing. He loved the sea otters because they swam so fast and he could chase them from side to side!

Happy late Mothers Day to all you wonderful mothers!!

Checking out some monkeys!

A picture Jaxon took of the octopus!

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Jenny Lamtio said...

owh so sweet u captured every single moment. :)